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    Organofunctional Silane
    Organofunctional silanes are bi-functional molecules in that they usually have two types of reactivity built into their structures -organic and inorganic.
    Organometallic Titanate, Zirconate & Aluminate
    Coupling agents and adhesion promoters represent a group of specialty bifunctional compounds that can react chemically with both the substrate and the adhesive. The term "coupling agent" refers generally to additives that work on fillers and reinforcements within a resin matrix to improve properties...
    Porous Polymer Carrier
    Capatue TM porous polymer carrier is a kind of high foamed polymer particles. It provides the polymer processing industry a very easy and efficient way to convert liquid or paste into dry and free flowing pellets, needless to extrude or pelletize. We now can supply LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE and EVA..
    Dry Silane for XLPE
    Dry silane is a modified one-step technology for crosslinking polyethylene; it utilizes the porous PE carrier to absorb the vinyl silane cocktail to get the dry, pellet form vinyl silane crosslinking agent masterbatch. One major concern of the conventional one-step liquid process is the necessity of...
    Formulated Silane for XLPE
    Formulated silane is also called as silane cocktail; it is a multi-component silane formulation suitable for the manufacturing of low and medium voltage cross-linked polyethylene cable insulation & jacket, PEX-b pipe or other XLPE products.
    Adhesion Promoter
    Coupling Agent for Powder Coating
    Powder Form Coupling Agent
    Silane coupling agent SCA and Titanate (zirconates, aluminates) coupling agent TCA are widely used in plastics, rubber, coating and adhesives industry. It is used to improve pigment dispersion, product strength and adhesion between the resin coating and substrate. They play an indispensable role in ...
    Soaking Compouding Tech. for XLPE
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    Our company fully comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 international quality management system, we define the whole process
    Our company's English name and registered trademark is "Capatue", and actually it is a new compound word created by ourselves.
    Nanjing Capatue Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Capatue Chemical")is a fine chemical enterprise focused on the R&D, production and marketing of polymer additives . It was founded in 2007 and located at one of the major chemical industry base of China, Nanjing.
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